De Shields-Marley is an award-winning architectural photographer.  Her current body of work encompasses structures located throughout the southeast, as well as on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.  Because she is accomplished in capturing the architectural identity of buildings, her architectural photographs have been integral in assisting architects when presenting their work to clients and Design Award selection committees.
She is equally passionate about public and private structures, interior photography and exterior photography shots.  De’s work has been featured in the Architectural Photographer Sourcebook: A Showcase of Exceptional Architectural Photographers, as well as The American Architectural Photographer and can be found in permanent and private collections of art museums and collectors.
De is a member of the ASMP, the American Society of Media Photographers and is a member if the Architectural Photographers Speciality Group.  Her true passion is to be in the field working on her current architectural projects.  You may reach De by contacting: