Cost Sharing Details

MULTIPLE CLIENT USAGE (MCU) On most architectural photography assignments, there are various parties who may have need for usage of the photographs: architects, construction companies, sub-contractors, engineers, developers, interior designers, product manufactures, property owners, etc.   Sharing in the cost of the photography among these different interested parties (Multiple Clients) can significantly reduce the cost for each participant. A percentage for each Multiple Client Usage is added to the total for each Multiple Client. Then the total is divided by the number of participants. Example: $ 1500.00 project quote, plus 3 additional participants @ 30% ($ 450.00) each = total $ 2850.00 divided between 4 clients = $ 712.50 cost for each participant. The invoice is billed to the commissioning architect to pay.  The other participating partners send their portions to the architect. In addition, there are options for calculating the cost, which can explained by emailing us or phoning us at (501)217-9980.

For participation in this program, arrangements and written agreement must be made with SHIELDS-MARLEY PHOTOGRAPHY prior to the date of the photography shoot. Any party requesting usage of the photographs, after start of the assignment shooting date will be required to purchased usage rights directly from SHIELDS-MARLEY PHOTOGRAPHY at stock licensing rates and with the approval of the commissioning client. Email us, if you have any questions: